Does the adidas Superstar run true to size? | How do adidas Shell Toe’s fit? (Adidas Shell Toe sizing)

The story of the ultimate on-court sneaker turned streetwear staple spans over 50 years. A timeless classic ideal for everyday wear, the adidas Superstar (commonly referred to as the Shell Toe), is a versatile silhouette that’s easy to dress up or down. But how exactly does it fit?

Run-DMC wearing the adidas Superstar
Run-DMC wearing the adidas Superstar. Members, from left: Jam Master Jay, DMC, and Run

Writing this felt necessary, because it’s hard to find an accurate and straightforward answer anywhere. With that being said, the adidas Superstar runs just a tad big. If you prefer a snug fit that minimizes creasing, we recommend going a half size down (if you normally wear a size 10.5, get a 10). However, there’s nothing wrong with going true to size.

Again, ideally, we recommend going a half size down. But, there are two scenarios where going true to size makes sense. If you’re one for wiggle room, then go true to size when purchasing for yourself. And lastly, if/when you’re purchasing for a young person who’s foot may or may not still be growing, we would encourage you to go true to size just in case.

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